2013 6 Hours of the Cascades & 2 Hour Mini Enduro Finale
October 19 - Portland International Raceway

This year the Cascade Sports Car Club ran a 2 hour Finale to the Mini Enduro Series and the typical Cascade Enduro was 6 hours and ran shortly after the 2 hour finished. The 951 engine was going thru oil like crazy during the season so for this race I decided to reinstall the stock normally aspirated 3 liter. It wouldn't be as fast but it has always been reliable.

Mike started the 2 hour and I finished it. There were several fast cars in the race but 2 hours was enough for them to hit trouble and we managed to finish 2nd out of 27 cars. We only needed 5 gallons of gas at the pitstop to make the distance and I was able to do the fastest lap the car has done at Portland with the normally aspirated engine. Mike was also able to win the season enduro series with the 2nd place finish.

For the 6 hour the plan was to run as close we could to 2 hours on a tank of fuel and then switch drivers. Mike did the LeMans start again and was having a good first stint. We were running second overall to the Norma sports racer when Mike reported a strange sound from the front of car. It was not affecting the car so we pushed on. At the pit stop to put Zack in the car we diagnosed the problem was in the left front wheel bearing. We sent Zack out to do some laps while we came up with a plan. We brought Zack in again and Gabe changed the outer bearing, because we could quickly get to it. Zack was instructed to keep going until it got bad. Zack apparently has a high thresold of bad. We brought the car in to see what we could do but the race on the inner wheel bearing had spun inside the hub. The hub was unrepairable and I had already used up my spare hubs. We were basically done. Gabe put it back together the best he could and I would take it out for the finish. I drove the last 15 minutes of the race with a very unhappy car. A woobly wheel does nothing for the handling but the worst part was that the wobble would knock back the brake pads which meant you had to pump the brakes a few times to get any stopping power. We did finish and the n/a engine was reliable as ever, but that didn't do us much good.


Enduro Stats:
2 Hour
- Drivers: Mike McAleenan, Eric Krause
- 2nd Overall, 2nd in Class
- 87 laps completed
- 1:18.693 fast lap (Eric Krause)

6 Hour
- Drivers: Zack George, Mike McAleenan, Eric Krause
- Crew: Cam Norton, Emmet McAleenan, Gabe George, Joe Kamman, Randy Krause, Scott Norton, Steve Clinton
- 14th Overall, 1st in Class
- 1 dead hub
- 129 laps completed
- 1:20.189 fast lap (Mike McAleenan)